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Acupuncture Medicine - Heal Your DNA

The body has the amazing ability to heal itself if it is given the nutrients and the opportunity. Balance is Everything!

Videos to Improve Your Health

Gas / Bloating / Constipation / Diarrhea?

The Enzyme Video

Pain / Inflamation / Fatigue / Immune?

toxin video

(Video to come)

The Toxin Video

Is your life off track?

Get in the Zone - Axialtonal Alignment Video

Frequent Urination?

hydration video

(video to come)

The Hydration Video

Congestion / Puffiness?

drainage video

(Video to come)

The Drainage Video

Can't Fall Asleep / Can't Stay Asleep?

insomnia video

(Video to come)

The Insomnia Video

Immunity / Deficiency ?

human battery video

(Video to come)

The Human Battery Video

Palpatations / Chronic Fatigue / Cramps?

endocrine video

(Video to come)

The Endocrine Video


building a baby video

(Video to come)

Vitamins / Minerals - Building a Baby Video

Emotions / Anxiety / Stress?

The Emotional Elimination Video


Headaches / Acne / Depression?

liver video

(Video to come)

The Liver Channel Video